Fixed payline slots allow players to have a certain amount of paylines in the game on every single spin they play, but you have no choice but the maximum number of paylines offered on these types of slots. However, you can adjust the coin values ​​and often you can also play multiple coins on each of these paylines.

What makes the fixed payline slots popular with players is that you never get a chance to win a winning combination form because each spin is activated and sent, you will always have an individual payline.

Plus the bonus games associated with all fixed payline slots seem to be much more appreciated and there are definitely many different bonus games that you offer depending on which fixed payline slot you choose to play at New Casino Sites UK 

Below is a list of some of the best online payline slot games available online. Each of these slots has been designed and delivered by a company called NetEnt, which is famous for designing some of the most unique and highly playable online. Slot games you will ever encounter.

So read on to see what’s available on the following fixed payline slots and if any of them is of interest to you, check out our final reviews for a much deeper understanding of what each of them has in the form of bonus games, Options and of course what you can win when you play one of them online.

Most Played Fixed Payline Slots

Go Bananas Slot-

This slot game is very playable because it features a special set of reel symbols that are all wild symbols. You can create unique patterns when these wild symbols turn and as such you play every win line These wild symbols can make you win winning combinations from time to time!

Steam Tower Slot

The Steam Tower slot game will be attractive to players who like to play slots that offer free spins as their main bonus games. The free spins that can be activated when you play this slot game have multiple levels so that when playing the higher the level you reach through those free spins, the more you can win.

Tornado Farm Escape Slot –

A lot of fun and final spinning action is also available on another slot game of NetEnt where you will find a fixed payline play structure. This slot is the Slot Tornado Farm Escape. Make sure you give this slot a little play time, because there is a huge jackpot that can be desired if you play it.

Cosmic Fortune Slot –

It may be the theme of a slot game that will make you want to play it, and with that in mind, you can show NetEnt’s Cosmic Fortune slot. What makes this world is that there are multiple progressive jackpots that you can be awarded when you play it and of course it also offers unique bonus games and bonus features.

South Park Reel Chaos Slot

NetEnt has designed two slot games designed all around the South Park show, and the second slot in the series is the very playable South Park Reel Chaos slot. This is another fixed payline slot and when playing there are many bonus games and bonus features that will eventually be activated and awarded to you. These bonus games can of course pay out large amounts of money from time to time.

Invisible Man Slot –

Another fixed payline sot that you should watch when playing fixed payline slot games, is sound attractive, it’s the all-invisible Man Slot game. This slot is of course the Invisible Man, and thanks to some unique base and bonus game features it’s worth a game to play.

Wonderful Mr Green Slot –


You will find that NetEnt can and do a set of completely unique slot games that you can only find on certain casino sites and that means you can find slots as the beautiful Mr Green slot is only available on a casino site, but It’s worth a while to follow and play for as much as all the other slots mentioned above, it’s unique and very playable.

Alien Slot –

Another slot game that you really like to play probably more, so if you’ve watched the movie Alien, that movie’s namesake is the Alien slot! This game offers a fixed payline game structure and with its own set of basic and bonus game modes, you can win at random, so add it to your slot list to play fast!

Twin Spin Slot –

If slot games have a fixed payline play structure like the Twin Spin slot game, there are usually some unique features associated with those not found on optional payline slots. This slot looks from two to five rolls of all countries on each basic game, with the same rule symbols playing in the same reel positions.

South Park Slot –

The original slot in the South Park Slot Player Series is still one of the most played slots designed by NetEnt and with an abundance of different bonus games that can be activated when playing these slots online, it’s really a fun slot machine to to play. As a fixed payline slot, you can of course play for many different betting options to suit any player and bankroll.